After a scheduled check-up on Friday, Dad received a call at home on Monday from his doctor.

In short, the doctor shared that leukemia is back in my dad’s blood.

If you remember from last Fall, my dad was accepted into the Car T cell study. This was after exhausting all other treatment options. The result of deep-remission gave us the gift of time.

My dad’s doctor checked back with immunology team at the SCCA and they did not see continued treatment as a viable option (more risk than reward). Essentially, leukemia has begun to outsmart the systems that have been treating my dad’s cancer.

Dad told him and his staff that he was thankful for their work. He had much of his last few years of his life owed to them. Mom got on the phone and thanked them as well.

My dad has decided to seek no other treatment and enjoy his time with family and friends at home.


Matt and I made it up to Bellingham, Wednesday morning and had some time alone with my dad. My dad’s words have always comforted and affirmed me. Wednesday morning was no different.

He shared, “My life is so good, it’s like I’ve stolen it. I’ve lacked nothing. I’ve never gotten what I deserved. God has been so good to me. He has brought me peace. He’ll continue to bring your mom peace too. She’ll realize that it was Him that brought care to her all along, not me.”

I will continue to share updates as necessary. We appreciate messages and will do out best to respond. Mostly, just loving my dad and remembering all the ways he’s been there for us.