If we keep up with the metaphor, my dad can retire his running shoes. His legs are weak, body is sore and his spirit is high. He has much to feel accomplished about.

As mentioned in my last post, my dad had an appointment on Thursday, September 27th to review the various tests ran to detect Leukemia cells in his bone marrow, blood, and spinal fluid. We are humbled by the results of zero detectable leukemia cells in my dad’s body. Did you catch that?! Zero.

We are celebrating and singing praises to God! We are grateful to the doctors and nurses, He appointed to my dad and to all of you who have not wavered on our journey!

The doctors, Dr Cassaday and Dr Turtle are calling this a deep remission! Has it hit you yet? I know it hasn’t fully hit us yet!

My dad’s most recent treatment was a study and they don’t know what to expect down the road but we (doctors and our family) are all feeling very optimistic. Dr Cassaday who has been dad’s doctor since arriving to UW Medical Center and the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance in April of 2017, said “If I was a jumping up and down, hooting and hollering kind of guy I would be doing that! This is very good news!”

Last Thursday Mom and Dad packed up and moved back to Bellingham!  They are looking forward to a few trips but most of all just moving on and enjoying day to day life.  Dad is getting stronger each day and has no lingering issues from the cytokine storms or neurotoxicity. 

His immune system is needing some extra help getting blood counts back up and recovering his bone marrow. This may take several months and require blood transfusion, g-shots and Immune Globin Transfusions. These treatments will require weekly visits to the SCCA in Seattle which seems like a breeze in comparison!

It’s been nearly a year and half since I started writing here to share information with you about my dad’s health and fight against Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. During those first days of being diagnosed and spending evenings after work in the hospital with him, he shared with me this tidbit on life that I will always hold close to my heart:

"You're going to be born. You will be surrounded by people that love you. You’re going to realize you can’t do it yourself. You find a soulmate, You love her. You have kids, you love them too. There’s more, you find faith. And you’re going to realize that’s what will help you get through.

The same things that were true yesterday are true today. I have a past that is forgiven, a purpose for living, and a home in heaven."

We don’t deserve any of this great life. We are grateful for these days.