Looking Forward

Hi all,

Popping in today to give you a quick update on dad's most recent test results. Dad has continued with lumbar punctures (procedure that removes spinal fluid and replaces fluid with chemo).

Results show that the ratio of Leukemia in dad's cerebral spinal fluid has retreated from 57 to 3. This is very positive news! These results allow my dad to forego the Ommaya Reservoir procedure. This positive result also means that dad's double vision has subsided.

Next steps:

Today, dad received his last lumbar puncture for awhile. He was accepted into the the CAR T-Cell Therapy Trial, Phase 1 starting Monday, August 6th. Dad's T-cells will be harvested on the 9th, followed by various tests, chemo, and the modification of his own T-cells. He will receive his own, modified T-cells back on the 28th of August. Mom and Dad will be required to live in Seattle for 4-6 weeks following the infusion. Everything is done outpatient at the SCCA, unless my dad were to have complications/get a fever during his treatment.

I can selfishly say that I am so thrilled to have my dad walk me down the aisle this Saturday and dance with me to What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. To share these moments together is something I have always dreamed and extra special in this season in both of our lives!


Jessica (+ The James/Mowry Family)


Dad focused on the blog and wedding details ($$$).